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Welcome to London’s first cold pressed juice bar. We’re different because we cold-press. This careful technique preserves more nutrients than alternative methods, creating juices brimming with natural goodness and flavour. The deliciousness doesn’t end there.  We also make superfood smoothies and fabulously wholesome organic meals, available in our shops, and to order.

About Us


In 2012, Sarah and Laurent Cadji began working on the concept of Roots and Bulbs. Living and working in London, we had demanding work schedules and the usual busy life that made eating healthy away from home a real challenge . There is just not enough time to be a good employee, employer, wife, husband, parent and to find the place or the time to eat well. well back up a bit and explain how it began.

In 2009, following long working hours and a heavy travel schedule, Sarah decided to take her health into her own hands. She started to read extensively, began focusing on the connection between what you put in your body and how you feel. the results were amazing. her feeling of intense wellbeing led her to learn more and resulted in us changing the way we both ate and lived. we began to extensively juice and started experimenting with smoothies and take greater note of what we put in our bodies.

We encouraged and inspired each other, to be and feel better with food.

This focus on better, cleaner real food led us to a clear problem. Living in London, there was no option to live healthy on the go. We did not want complicated fussy food. We just wanted clean, organic ingredients that were not sold to us with empty promises. We wanted the real juice, with no pesticides and sugary fruits inside that spiked our insulin levels. We wanted to have the smoothies we make at home, with organic home made almond milk, raw cacao powder, hemp protein powder, seeds, nuts and amazing coconut water. But we could not find it anywhere. So, we decided to start Roots and Bulbs. we do not make empty claims. we do not seek to compromise on our ingredients. We are, like you, busy active Londoners who want to feel good and live well. Healthy is and feels cool.

Let our journey begin with our first store, in 5 Thayer Street, Marylebone.
We can't wait to meet you.




 We are not nutritionists and don’t claim to give medical advice.  Our focus is to make great tasting food and drinks.  

We do have nutritionist Ian Marber on board with us to give his advice and expertise in all that we do. Ian founded The Food Doctor and has worked with over 4000 clients and conducted some 6000 private consultations, in addition to conducting seminars, workshops and lectures. To add to this he has written 12 books.  If you have any questions from a nutrition perspective please email Ian at